Complete solutions for all your needs

Founded in 2001, Euro Paper gains experience year after year, welcoming customers with new, diversified services and products.
We invite you to discover our range of:



fiber laser 50w desktop
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Complete solutions for all your needs

Founded in 2001, Euro Paper gains experience year after year, welcoming customers with new, diversified services and products.
We invite you to discover our range of:

Complete solutions for all your needs

Founded in 2001, Euro Paper gains experience year after year, welcoming customers with new, diversified services and products.
We invite you to discover our range of:


Printing Services

Euro Paper is more than just a printing company – we are a dedicated team of experts, problem solvers and technicians dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for your business.
Color & Black and White Printing
The color print, something simple some would say nowadays, but things are not like that, while some print “colored pages”, we try to offer a color print as high quality as possible.
The evolution of digital printers has led to the achievement of qualitative results comparable to offset printing.
We offer a diverse range of printing services: from the simple printing of letterhead, to the production of magazines, brochures, books, calendars, envelopes, menus and other promotional materials.
Using state-of-the-art equipment, we try to offer our customers, in addition to achieving an impeccable print and a tailor-made finish. From printing business cards, presentation folders, advertising flyers …. until printing the volumes of books, we pay attention to every detail.

We invite you to discover all the printing services we offer.


Plotting, Banners, Roll-Up

Whether you need in-line plotting, mixed or full color, we offer formats from A2 to A0 +, a pattern that is made on state-of-the-art OCE or Epson machines with exceptional quality.

Printed banner is a form of outdoor advertising.
For a strong and memorable visual impact, we offer you the OutDoor color print, the banners. Choose to present your activity professionally by printing your offer on a wide range of materials: sticker, banner, window graphic in different sizes and with increased water and UV resistance

Choose a special way of presenting your offers with the help of Roll-Up prints that will not hesitate to stand out in front of your customers. Our company offers professional Color Roll-Up Print services for various sizes. The prints are made on a special roll-up support, with increased resistance to water and UV

Euro Paper prints custom advertising banners and roll-ups to fit exactly the size you need.


Flyers, Business Cards, Presentation Folders
Business cards
In today’s competitive environment, distinct marketing materials such as business cards allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. and attract the interest of current and potential customers.
A good business card is not just a tool to provide information to potential customers, but an opportunity to connect on a personal level.

Presentation maps
A presentation folder, sometimes called a pocket folder, is a sturdy folder used to store and organize documents such as those distributed during a sales meeting or other presentation.
When it has a creative design, a presentation folder serves as a means of promoting the organization to new customers, as well as improving the image with existing customers.

Flyers are a great way to advertise your business. Whether you are a professional consultant or an entrepreneur, promoting by distributing flyers in public places and on billboards can help you grow your business.


Custom Types & Stamps

We are waiting for you with a wide range of products: Personalized invoices with or without VAT, personalized CMRs, Receipts, Monetary, SSM Forms, PSI Forms, Forms for announcing the arrival and departure of tourists…
WE CAN MAKE ON REQUEST any model of autocopied custom form in 2, 3, 4 or 5 copies according to your requirements.
The printing of the templates and their finishing are made at a superior quality.
Your company logo can be printed on the background of custom templates – this customization does not involve any additional cost.
Each set of custom typefaces is inserted automatically and is tied in the top 25 or 50 sets by booklet.
Each tab at the top has a perforation for easy tearing of the back.

We offer a wide range of office stamps, pocket stamps for: companies, pfa, doctors ….
If you want your stamp to be different, we can print your logo. on it and for an aesthetic plus we can also make it multicolored

We invite you to discover our range of custom typefaces and the stamps we offer.


Custom Mugs and T-Shirts
Personalized t-shirts or mugs are the perfect gift for any occasion!
Start the morning on the right note with a personalized cup. You can design your own cup of coffee and add a special message, fun design or both. Include a special photo and delight your loved one with a gift that warms his or her heart on birthdays, holidays or special occasions. Personalized mugs can also be great gifts to give to employees and customers at events and holidays.

There is a massive variety of things we can print on a custom t-shirt. Our store is a great place to describe your vision, whether you need a photo, logo, inscription or something else, we will approach your project carefully and carefully. Do you have a specific color in mind? With our Pantone matching system, we will help your vision become a reality with vibrant ink. No matter where you are in the creative process, our team is here to help you.

We invite you to discover all the personalized products we offer.


Equipment distribution

Euro Paper is one of the main suppliers specialized in printing finishing equipment and sublimation products in Romania. 90% of the range of equipment distributed by us can be found in our advertising production flow. We look forward to seeing you in our showroom or at work.
Laser & CNC engravers

Looking to add a personal note to your gifts, but don’t know how to do it? We have a portfolio with the best laser cutting and engraving equipment on the market, at affordable prices. So if you want to expand your business, we are here to help.
We have a wide range of laser engravers with powers of 40w, 60w, 80w, 100w and 150w with M2 controller or Ruida controller with desktop dimensions from 200x300mm to 1300x900mm.
You can find us from hobby engravers to debit engravers for industrial use.
The laser engravers sold are fully equipped without the need to purchase other parts for their use.
We offer you the free “rotating kit” for engraving on cylindrical objects (except for the model k3020, which can not use this device).

Euro Paper is the only Julong Laser importer in Romania.


3D Vertical Wall Printers
Wall painting was originally a project that needed an artist to complete, but today we can use an innovative process: direct printing on the wall. Can you believe it? The evolution of technology has come to create a printer that can print on your wall. from home.
3D printing directly on the wall is a new area of business with unlimited possibilities and little competition at the moment. Production prices are significantly lower than other customization options of a wall (custom wallpaper).
For the development of a successful business, investors only need to buy a vertical 3D wall printer. Using a printer only requires one person so you save a lot of labor costs.
The vertical wall 3D printer uses water-based ink with a vivid, nontoxic color pigment (it is a special ink with which you can print inside living rooms) with a fast drying of the print and an incredible production price of only 1 euro / mp.
We invite you to the showroom to see the machine and the prints made by it.

Euro Paper is the official partner of ZKMC Beijing Science and Technology Ltd. in Romania.


Thermal Sublimation Presses
In 2010 Euro Paper diversified the range of products offered in its stores by introducing personalized gifts by sublimation. Thus over time we tested and used different brands of presses and sublimation products, being able to say at this time that we found the best brand, in terms of quality / price.
We provide thermal presses for sublimation: thermal presses for T-shirts and mugs, but we welcome you. and with 3D vacuum sublimation thermal presses, which will add an extra visible quality to the customized products with this model of thermal press.
We understand the importance of accurate information in making the best decisions for the development of your business. and choosing the right machine. With the experience of hundreds of thermal presses sold we can help you choose the desired product, saving time, money and unnecessary mistakes.
All models of thermal presses sold are compatible with the sublimation process, whether it is made by sublimation ink, sublimation gel or laser printable foil.
The products have a pleasant design and are designed to be intuitive and reliable over time.

Euro Paper is the official FreeSub partner in Romania.


Thermocool Brooching Machines
Thermocouple broaching (also known as book spine gluing) is a process by which the hot adhesive is applied to the edge of the sheets and a cardboard cover is added to produce the finished book. Technology is evolving and shows us that to obtain a perfect book spine is not enough, new models of broaching machines also allow the lateral application of the thermocouple, so the covers do not come off the first and last page of the book.
The latest adhesive from Boway, allows the realization of professional booklets, extremely economical and with a high shear resistance, allowing the realization from recipes on paper, standardized … to more demanding works such as a 600-sheet book .
With all Boway bookbinding machine models you can produce any book size from miniature to A4 + (330mm) and with a maximum spine thickness of 60mm (600 sheets – 80gr / sqm), with a speed up to 300 brooches / hour (depending on the machine model).
All the models of bookbinding machines sold by us are compact, quiet, fitting from a printing hall to a printing center, being designed to meet customer requirements and maximize production.

Euro Paper is a distributor of Boway products in Romania.


Guillotines, Laminators ....
Can anyone tell me what the most important machine in a printing house or printing center is? I’ll help you: GUILLOTINE. Without a guillotine you will not be able to cut your paper for printing …… but you will not be able to finish the products after printing, so if the guillotine breaks the whole production flow is blocked.
Guillotines are an indispensable element for anyone working in the field of printing. Whether you make fine print finishes or cut large sizes, we recommend Boway electric or Unitec hydraulic guillotines. With their innovative cutting system, they ensure the highest safety standard while cutting (safety optical sensors), easy use by setting the cutting dimensions – numerically programmable on the LCD touchscreen display, easy handling of formats paper thanks to the ball and air-assisted work table (Unitec H720 only).

As anyone involved in this field knows, the printing process is just the beginning. Our goal is to provide everything you need to finish your printed work.
Glossy or matte lamination (cellophane) has started to be one of the most requested services on the market, giving the print a professional and special look.
The new models of laminating machines have a digital control panel, pressure adjustment steps for different types of laminated materials, ANTI-CURL system for single-sided rolling. They incorporate a ventilation system that gives the lamination a higher quality and more durable result. The digital age has revolutionized the printing industry and professional lamination is in greater demand than ever before.
Whether you want to roll 3,000 pages or a few hundred, we will help you find the right laminator for your needs.

We invite you to discover the complete range of equipment for pattern finishing.

Laminator FM360 – DISCOVER MORE

Areas of use of co2 lasers

Laser engravers

CO2 laser engravers are best suited for wood, non-metals, plastics and composites, as they achieve optimal absorption of wavelengths of 9.3 – 10.6 µm emitted by the CO2 laser beam.

The quality of the LASER Tube (RUICI or EFR-150W brand) and high quality focusing lenses guarantee the best possible quality of work execution.

The only limit is your imagination.

3D Vertical Wall Printers

New technologies are changing the face of the world we live in. The pace at which innovations are thought of and then turned into reality is so fast that we have access in just a few years to technologies that we consider far from implementation,

Vertical 3D wall printers are paving the way for a new category of business and services. Now you can print any design you want directly on a wall, both inside and out.

making the book spine

Thermocool Brooching Machines

Booklet is one of the most widely used methods of professional bookbinding.

This is how softcover books are created. The machine has a clip that grips the document, it slides over a milling knife, then over a roll that applies the thermal adhesive on the edge of the sheets and the end result is a professionally bound document with a soft cover. The book is solid and the papers are permanently bound.

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